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Home Loans Bad Credit understands a percentage of our population may experience a life event, affecting your ability to finance a new home, car or business.

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Bad Credit Home Loans

Variable and fixed loans for Home, Car, Loans and Business


Home Loans Bad Credit


Welcome to Home Loans Bad Credit. Have you recently had a life changing event and suddenly finding it difficult to obtain any type of lending at all? Just when you hoped you could rely on your current lender, you find yourself having doors closed every which way you turn? Boy, do we know how tough that can be? Loans for people with bad credit has the broadest range of market leading bad credit home loans & bad credit mortgages.

The good news is we have over 15 years experience in Home, Investment, car and business lending. We like to think we have learnt a few things along the way and have developed professional relationships along the way.

We have access to market leading and competitive bad credit home loans at rates, well, lower than you may have expected.

Our experienced lending managers will assess your full situation to gain a thorough understanding of your financial situation and that what is required to ensure a decision can be made as quickly as possible.



Common examples of Home Loans with bad credit and the reasons your local bank may not be able to assist are below,

Unpaid bills ar missed payments 


Overspent on the credit card 

Credit file with ‘too many’ credit checks


Part 9 or 10 Debt Agreement

home loans bad credit

Variable Rate

A standard Variable rate is the base rate and used as a benchmark for the lender’s products.

home loans bad credit

Fixed rate

A fixed rate home loan is where a term of the contractual loan period is fixed at an agreed rate.

home loans bad credit

 Basic Rate

A basic home loan is a no frills low variable loan without the bells and whistles and no monthly fees.

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Equity Loan

An equity loan or overdraft is using the equity built up between the current loan and the property value.

Packaged Loan

A packaged or professional loan is a fully featured product including 100% offset and free banking.

home loans bad credit

Lo Doc Loan

A Lo Doc Loan is designed for the self-employed customer who may not have up to date financials

Bad Credit Home Loan Options

If your current bank says no to your application for finance,  It doesn’t mean you have to wait until your bad credit has been cleared or removed from your personal credit files.

Thinking there isn’t much point in considering another financial insition due to increased interest rates?

Home Loans Bad credit have access to a variety of lending specialist that assess these types of application every day. Depending on the severity of the credit history, rates can be as low as 0.5% above the interest rate you would have paid with a perfect credit history. Non-conforming lenders consider all situations, such as poor credit files, defaults, court writs and even bankruptcy.

After all, most of our clients once had a solid credit history before a life changing event ( such as divorce ) and want to help get them back on their feet. After our clients have established themselves and shown a regular and consistent repayments schedule, we reassess their financial situation so we can look at other options that may suit their needs.



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